Gato.Earth es un proyecto epistolar en el que dos amigas se envían cartas de amor y amistad y, por supuesto, reflexiones sobre las intersecciones entre la actual crisis medioambiental y las tecnologías digitales. Se trata de un boletín mensual en inglés y español. ¡Suscríbase!

Gato.Earth is an epistolary project where two friends send each other letters of love and friendship and, of course, reflections on the intersections between the current environmental crisis and digital technologies. This is a monthly newsletter in English and Spanish. Suscribe!

Fireside chat at RightsCon (2021). Video with David R. Boyd (U.N. Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment) and Paz Peña (Consultant on tech, environment, and social justice) in conversation about the impact of technology on the environment and the air, water, and soil pollution associated with today's extract-manufacture-use-dispose economic model.

Branch Magazine (2021). Bigger, More, Better, Faster: The Ecological Paradox of Digital Economies. By Paz Peña. Originally from GISWATCH 2020.

GISWATCH (2020). Technology, the environment and a sustainable world: Responses from the global South.